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The Reincarnation Of Elizabeth, The Mother Of John The Baptist

By:Doug Simpson
Date: Thu,11 Nov 2010
Submitter:Doug Simpson

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The life readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce, present details about John the Baptist and his family not found in any discovered ancient documents. The soul of Miss 2156, the reincarnation of Elizabeth, was definitely one of those highly developed souls that I have now mentioned a number of times in other articles, so the story of Elizabeth contains a story within a story. This story-within-a-story begins with letters, carefully preserved in the archives of Edgar Cayce's Association For Research And Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"There is one little lady I hope to arrange a reading for. She is the child prophetess who has been giving, verbally, the most amazing prophecies since she was six months old - when she began to talk. Perhaps you know about her - [2156] is the name." [DS: Reading 2156-1, Background, B2. 2/24/40 Mrs. [1602]'s letter.] "... Well, I met little [2156] the other day and yesterday, I took [1581] down to meet her just before she left for home. Last night Mrs. [1837] called me to say Mrs. [...] [[2156]'s mother] had phoned her on their arrival and said they had a very definite proof of the constant guidance they are under, on the way home. They were on the rear end of the bus and Mrs. [...] had taken off [2156]'s leggings and over-shoes and had her lying down to rest when all of a sudden she jumped up and insisted that her mother put her things on in great haste - which she did - and no sooner was she finished than the whole rear end of the bus burst into flames! They were out in no where, in a heavy snow storm at the time! They were able to get out safely and I believe, other passengers rescued their luggage for them. No one was injured but had it not been for the warning, it might well have been disastrous for them! The child is really lovely. Natural, sweet, happy and good and just radiating light and love. You simply must meet her! Mrs. [...] [[2156]'s mother] is most thrilled at the prospect of having the Reading. You are good to want to do it for her ... the birth date is, September ... , 1935, ... , Pa." [2156-1, Background, B3. 3/17/40 Letter to EC.]

We shall start off with young Miss 2156's first life reading. "3. These should be very sacred to many, and especially this entity, - as it has been and is a chosen channel of manifestations in the material plane of love which the Father hath bestowed upon the children of men. 5. The interpretations of the records as chosen here, then, are given with the desire, the purpose, that this may prove a helpful experience, not only to the entity - for this will come, with the awakening as it reaches those developments of the mental in which there is the greater realization of the closer relationships the entity bears to Creative Forces - but through same to the world about the entity. 8. It is realized that there are unusual, out of the ordinary, associations or activities in the mental and spiritual forces of this entity. 10. And the knowledge of the love that is made manifest in the activity of Him who is the way, the truth, the light, - this should be the story oft told; and in the telling especially of the meeting of the entity - in another experience - with that vessel, that channel [DS: The Virgin Mary.] through which the Prince of Peace and of love and of hope came, the entity may indeed be given that encouragement, that assurance, that hope which will bring greater blessings to the fellow man in this particular sojourn. 18. For, as the entity is sensitive to influences from without itself, it is also sensitive to the thoughts, even, of those with whom it comes in contact.

"25. Before this (in its sojourns) we find the entity was among those who were given a special service in the early activities of the Church, in the bringing of spiritual concepts into the minds of individuals through music. 26. Then the entity was Saint Cecilia [DS: A search on your favorite computer search engine will locate her biography.], - or as Celia the entity was first known, and then known for its abilities in the teaching and ministering to those in the various stages of man's expression and development there, - in the Roman activity and experience of the early Church; for the entity brought hope, patience, understanding. 29. For there will gradually come the growth of the abilities within the entity's experience to not only bring messages of hope and of light to others, but to bring aid - through the very laying on of hands - to those who are not only mentally but physically sick, - to those who are ill at ease, rather than the diseased, throughout the entity's experience. In such a manner, with that tempering, with that training which has been indicated, may the entity be of the greater service.

"31. Then again, before that, we find the entity was in that period from which the greater hope may be expressed; as Elizabeth, the mother of him of whom the Master said, "Among them that are born of woman there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist." 32. So, as the entity was a chosen vessel, a chosen channel for that one who PROCLAIMED the day of the Lord to be at hand, the entity now - manifested in that body known as or called [2156] - may indeed be kept as a channel, by those about the entity, that it, too, may arouse and bring the consciousness in the minds of many that the day of the Lord is indeed at hand. 33. For, whosoever will may come and take of the cup, even as He. For as He hath promised to stand in the places of those who are discouraged, disconsolate, who have lost a vision, lost hope, - so may this entity be that channel through which MANY may take hope, many may be aroused to the awareness that the Lord is nigh, that He standeth at the door of thy consciousness, that ye may be awakened! 34. Then, let there not be a worshipfulness as of the body of the entity, but rather as of its abilities to AROUSE in the hearts and minds of others the KNOWLEDGE that the day of the Lord is at hand!" [2156-1]

A second life reading was requested for Miss 2156, shortly after the first, seeking further details on past incarnations. Here are some of the highlights. "9. As given in the information concerning Elizabeth, - the entity was a channel for the forerunner of the Master, Christ; and, as there is sanctioned, as there is realized in the minds, the hearts of those who would and do distribute the words of the prophetess, HIS ways, God's ways, Christ's ways, are not past finding out, but are ready for those who will harken - and then live in their own lives that as the messenger gave, - "The day of the Lord is at hand!" to all that will harken, that will heed His call! 10. Then, - let all who would sponsor, who would aid this entity in ANY manner, put away from themselves all hate, all malice, all that would cause any to err, and bring THEMSELVES - in THEIR conversation - in keeping with the messages that will come. 11. Thus may that entity as proclaimed to Elizabeth speak to those who are honored with the care of this prophetess!

"24. (Q) In past incarnations, what has been the present mother's association and connection with the entity? [DS: The mother of Miss 2156 did not have a reading.] (A) Close in attendance and care, oft; else the conditions in the present would be too great a burden for any! The present mother was a friend in the experience before this; bemoaning the lack of the appreciation of the entity as the musician and the lover. Before that she was as the closest friend to the entity, Elizabeth; caring for her through that period when the prophet came. Also there have been many other close associations; for, remember, many sojourns have there been for a little while; but these as indicated are the ones that need to be impressed, and pondered in the hearts and minds and purposes of those who foster, who care for the entity, - those who would see God's way among those where strifes, turmoils, disappointments and fears arise in the present. Take warning, then, - and as the mother has gathered in the present, let its prayer oft be, "THY WILL, O GOD! HAVE THY WAY WITH ME!"

"25. (Q) What has been the association of [1837] with the entity? (A) In the experience especially as Elizabeth we find the associations with most of those who would sponsor, who would crown the entity with their voice. But hold not malice against any who deny, lest ye bring condemnation to thyself! We find that the entity, was a friend to the entity, especially during those periods when there was the sacrifice of the father Zacharias; and it is he that ye see shadowing [DS: spirit guide? Guardian Angel?] the entity oft. 26. (Q) Anything else that may be given at this time? (A) Anything else?!! WORLDS! Worlds might be filled with that as might be given! But let each of you here so live the Christ-Consciousness, as manifested in the Master, that you may be counted worthy to be even as those who would gather the crumbs of wisdom that will be manifested through this entity!" [2156-2]

The Sister of John the Baptist was also reincarnated at the time of Edgar Cayce, and her life reading provides us with further details. "21. Before that we find the entity lived in the earth during those periods when there was what was called the preparation for the coming of the Prince of Peace. 22. The entity then was among those in the Palestine land associated more particularly with the entity known as or called John the Baptist, or Elias [DS: also called Elijah] that was for to come, for the announcing of the necessity for the preparations of individuals in their spiritual lives, making through their material associations ways and means and manners for the knowledge of the relationships of man to the Creative Forces in the earth. 23. The entity in those periods was among those who proclaimed those activities, proclaimed those teachings with those in John's own household, John's own undertaking. 24. For the entity then was a sister of that teacher, and a daughter of Elizabeth and Zacharias - in the name Adahr.

"25. In the experience the entity gained much; the entity had much confusion, owing to the teachings of the priests and the rejecting of same by the brother and the acceptance of the teachings of the Essenes; making for doubt and confusion in the experiences of the entity. 26. And only in those answers that came to the inner self was there brought an understanding; for through the entity's OWN expression and seeking there came that answer, "Go tell John the things ye have seen and heard; the lame walk, the blind see, the sick are healed, the poor have the gospel preached unto them." THEN there came in the entity's experience the full meaning of the priesthood in Israel, and how that the lowly Nazarene was that fulfilling of that priesthood in His offering of Himself as the lamb that was not to roll back but to take away the sins of the people. Not as an escape but as an atonement in which each soul does find, would find, the lamb standing EVER as that offering in its relationships as an individual to its fellow man. 27. There the entity gained the most; and these influences, these forces that ever bear witness in the experience of the entity, make in the present experience for the greater help, the greater glory in the activities. 28. And when it is considered how that the entity then made for those oppressions owing to the manner of dress of the brother, that in the next experience bore evidence of the attempts of the entity to adjust itself - by dealing with that of which it berated its brother for his dress, it may be seen how that the law carries through." [1000-14]

Also reincarnated, at the time of Edgar Cayce, was Sofa, the nursemaid to young John. "5. Zacharias was a just man, then living in the hills of Galilee; yet the priest who offered sacrifice for the month Nisan. And when there were those visions or experiences, and his wife Elizabeth conceived, these brought into the experience of those groups - of which this entity, Sofa, was a part - the Essenes - a great deal of questioning, - as to what manner of individual would be required or needed as the helper, or director, or nurse, in the circumstances that would naturally arise if these visions were to be fulfilled. 6. When there has been the experience, then, of the happening of the visit of Mary to Elizabeth, there was the choosing of the dedicated women for this office. 7. This was a reminder to many of what and how the maiden [DS: Mary] had been chosen on the stair. 8. The entity then, Sofa, was one of the women dedicated to service in the temple; not as one that would be called a caretaker, yet these were the offices of the entity - to "touch up" or paint, or to keep certain portions of the temple in order for the activities of the priest. 9. Thus the entity appealed to Zacharias to use his period of preparation as the one to offer the sacrifice, as the time when there would be the choosing of the attendant or nurse to the babe. 10. Hence the entity was chosen by what would be termed, or is termed in the Cabala, the moving of the symbols upon the vesture of the priest. 11. This, then, prevented ANY of those confusions as might have arisen with the entity.

"12. When there was the birth, then, of John (for, remember, he was not called the Baptist until after his death), in the periods of training, the entity also acted as the instructor; as in the position of one who looks after or cares for those through such periods. 13. And (this aside), too often there is not sufficient thought taken as to the care of a developing body through those first eighteen months to two years. 14. Here, though, this entity was chosen by those directing forces as from the temple service itself, or by divine guidance. 15. Thus did the entity fulfil, until the boy, John, was weaned at six years of age. 16. THEN the entity was associated with Jesus with the last year of the experience in the household of Mary and Joseph. While the offices here had been fulfilled by that one as we have indicated, the entity was especially given this office to indicate to the developing child the nature, the character of the cousin. 17. After that period, and the period of education, and the periods when the labor began - from the periods of twelve years to that of seventeen, - when the entity John went to Egypt for the dedication and the preparation there, - the entity was known among those who were as holy women, who acted in the capacity of the mourners at the various functions of the Order, as would be called, of the Essenes.

"18. Later the entity was among those, not THE first but AMONG the first, to be baptized by John in Jordan. 19. The entity also ministered to the needs of John when he was cast in prison, and was among the chief mourners when he was beheaded. 20. The entity also was among those who, during his period in prison, sought Jesus for counsel. And with the answers given, the entity was confused - until there were those reclaiming activities upon the day of Pentecost. 21. Then the entity was old in years, and among those first disturbed by the first edicts that brought death to [DS: the Apostle] James; the entity [DS: Sofa] dying in that period from exposure by the abuse of soldiers in that first raid. 22. As to the period, no losses in spiritual or mental progress might be indicated; rather those periods of confusion that may be the experience of any that are dedicated to an idea, and who in sincerity give of their best through a material sojourn. 23. As to the entity's parents, - these were of the Levites, and those acquainted with many of the activities in the temple.

"26. (Q) To what extent, and over what period of time, did I have a close association with Jesus? (A) As indicated, during a year the entity gave most of the time to indicating to the child Jesus the life, the preparation, and the character of John. Then ONLY meeting same in those periods when, as indicated, coming to Him for counsel. 27. (Q) In choosing to be the nurse of John the Baptist - (A) (Interrupting) Chosen; not choosing but ASKING that there BE a choosing, and chosen by the office, or upon the ephod. 28. (Q) Did I take the vows of celibacy? (A) They didn't take the vows of celibacy! Not to have children during those periods was considered to be ones not thought of by God! 29. (Q) Concerning the fulfillment of those promises which had been a part of the Scripture, please outline the promises for purposes of study. (That is, where in the Bible?) (A) ALL of those recorded by the writers respecting the visit of the disciples of John to Jesus. Then especially 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of John. THERE are the promises that are a part of the promises to the entity, and to all. 36. (Q) Was I associated with Lucius, now Edgar Cayce? If so, how? (A) Acquaintance, and advisor to Lucius." [2175-6]

Other short excerpts from the readings add to our bank of knowledge. "31. (Q) Was Mary and Elizabeth taught in a sacred grove in Egypt for a time by teachers, Elihu and Salome, that they might better instruct their sons, Jesus and John? (A) We do not find this to be true. Their education was rather with those headed by the Essenes through which Zacharias was called as the one to and through whom would come those influences as became the forerunner of the Christ. These were rather in the Palestine land. They [DS: Mary and Elizabeth] were in the Holy Land, and at Mount Moriah." [2067-7] "26. ... Because of the adherence to those visions as proclaimed by Zacharias in the orthodox temple, he (Zacharias) was slain even with his hands upon the horns of the altar. ... while Zacharias was in the temple of Jerusalem. 28. (Q) Were the parents of John the messenger members of the band which prepared for Jesus? (A) As has just been indicated, Zacharias at first was a member of what you would term the orthodox priesthood. Mary and Elizabeth were members of the Essenes, you see; and for this very reason Zacharias kept Elizabeth in the mountains and in the hills. Yet when there was the announcing of the birth and Zacharias proclaimed his belief, the murder, the death took place." [5749-8] "16. ... and through those periods when the Romans robbed Elizabeth of her mate - through the death even at the altar, ..." [1602-4] "21. In the entity's home [DS: She was Naomi, the sister of the Apostles James and John the Beloved.], then, did Elizabeth - of its own kinspeople - dwell; during those portions of its activity among the HOLY women who had dedicated their lives, their bodies, their purposes, their aims, to those changed teachings between John the forerunner and the Master, Jesus." [540-4] This could refer to the home of Naomi, but most likely refers to the home of her parents Zebedee and Mary, where Naomi probably still resided.

It is impossible to deny young Miss 2156's contributions to pre and post Christian history, in her earlier incarnations as Elizabeth and Saint Cecilia. I hope you have enjoyed learning the details from those earlier days that have been readily available in the Edgar Cayce archives for three-quarters of a century to those seekers who have been fortunate enough to discover where to search for the details of many thousands of years of previous incarnations of real individuals. If you are interested in pursuing further research, go to www[dot]edgarcayce[dot]org/ and follow the path to enlightenment that no other discovered historical documents can provide.

Enjoy your awakening!

© Doug Simpson 2010.

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2009 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Used by Permission, All Rights Reserved.
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