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Farmers Of Paradise - Manifesting Our Dreams

By:Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Date: Fri,05 Dec 2008

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Before I share this message, which I received in Machu Picchu this year, I wanted everyone reading this to know, that everything that happened to us in Machu Picchu is also happening to you right now. It took me a little while to decide if I wanted to share this message. I did not want anyone reading it to think that they missed out, because they could not join our group for one reason or another. I would not want anyone out there to feel jealous... or feel like they were not special, because you are. As I was editing the recorded message I received during the Solar Wave, the Oracles reminded me very strongly that as you read this article, it also connects you to everything that we experienced on that day, and to the storehouse of vision that holds paradise within you. I also want to thank my dear sweetheart Raphael for remembering to pull out the tape recorder. He knows that as soon as the message is finished, I forget every bit of it. He took time to transcribe it also! Now just read the message, and if you so choose, imagine that it is all happening to you now. ~ Great Blessings ~ Aluna Joy

My 14th trip to Peru, did not disappoint me . . . but it did surprise me. While visiting the ancient city of Machu Picchu, I began to receive a message from an entirely different source. I was used to hearing Lord Meru and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, and the Lumerians inside the golden cities which are inside the sacred mountains (the Apus). But these voices were new to me, and yet strangely familiar. Our group was visiting one of the buildings that houses two side-by-side, round, bowl-shaped altars at the center of the temple. It has always been one of my favorite spots in the city. Directly behind the altar is my favorite mountain, Apu Putukisi. It was from inside this mountain that I began to hear the message from the Oracles of Machu Picchu.

The Oracles shared a bit of their history . . . When Machu Picchu was abandoned at the fall of the Lumerian era, the Oracles retreated into the inner-dimensional city inside Apu Putukisi. They said they had set the stage, or a path for us to follow, but this path had taken us as far as it can. The Machu Picchu Oracles said that for us to realize the shift of the ages, we need to continue further down this path, but on our own . . . guided by our heart vision. They said that we have surpassed them spiritually, and the Earth has evolved tremendously since they lived in this dimension. They encourage us to continue moving forward, one patient step at a time, and to always trust our hearts. The Oracles help hold the foundation for us to do this, but they remind us that it is only a foundation. This foundation helps us understand the past and will help us see the direction that we need to take now. They encourage us to move beyond the ways of the past, and to not hold back our truth and light anymore. Their message ended and we went on with our day.

The following day (3/22/2008) was the Global 24-Hour Equinox Solar Wave Ceremony (read more about the Solar Wave at ), where we were to participate inside Machu Picchu. As we began our ceremony, I began to feel the Machu Picchu Oracles once again. They said they were going to assist us in sending out our heart's prayers across the globe. They also said that they would help add our group energy to the building energy of the Solar Wave that began many, many hours ago in the east. We also felt the presence of Lord Meru, the Brotherhood of the 7 Rays, Jeshua, Archangel Michael.

At this time, I took a moment to explain to the Masters and the Oracles what we hoped to accomplish with the ceremony. I explained to them that we have encouraged all the light workers across the planet to join together at a particularly powerful time (13:30 local sidereal time on Equinox) to send our positive energy into the collective consciousness, to create a wave across the planet, which would initiate change and bring about harmony, balance, peace, integrity and limitlessness.

It was at this time that the Machu Picchu Oracles showed us how they send visions across the world. They do not think with words like we do. They send out powerful visions with images and positive feelings. It is very similar to the way the aborigines use the song lines to send messages. So they began to teach us to do the same.

The Machu Picchu Oracles wanted us to imagine a beautiful image of what we would consider paradise. Examples of paradise might be imagining a perfect mountain, a pristine beach, an idealistic community, etc.... They suggested envisioning anything that comes to mind that our hearts would understand to be paradise. The Oracles also said that this will be easy for us to imagine, because our group was already in paradise . . . we were standing in the middle of Machu Picchu! Once we had anchored the vision in our minds, then the Oracles asked us to add the energy of our vision into our open hearts. This is the 13 inch journey from our the heads to our hearts.

Then the Oracles asked us to put all our visions, charged with the energy of love from our hearts, into the center of our groups circle. The Oracles created a vehicle that looked like a super powered crystal with a point at the top that projected out. As our visions entered this crystal rocket ship, I began to see each individual vision. It became like a beautiful matrix of light. The Machu Picchu Oracles went on to say that every person has a different vision of paradise. But when you pool them all together, it makes a beautiful, cohesive fabric in which all cultures, religions and dimensions are bridged and brought back to peace and harmony. The Oracles said that this matrix would also help us to strengthen the links to other cities of light across the globe. As we did this, the Oracles began to pool our visions together so they could merge with the building solar wave in the collective consciousness.

Machu Picchu is one of many places on Earth where the frequency of paradise still exists. This is one of the reasons why the Machu Picchu Oracles picked this place to live . . . because it is so idealistic. It was, and still is, a perfect place for their group to anchor the vision and the path that we are on today. Anyone traveling to Machu Picchu understands what a beautiful and harmonious place it is.

When the Oracles lived in Machu Picchu, surrounded in this harmony, they were able to maintain their light bodies. Their main work was to seed the rest of the world with the energy of paradise. They said that there are little seeds of the energy of Machu Picchu all over the world. The Oracles said that this is what global light workers were doing with the Solar Wave. Everyone sent out seeds of light across the planet. Tens of thousands across the planet participated in this matrix of light. People all over the world projected their idealistic vision of paradise into the Solar Wave.

The Oracles taught us a bit more about projecting positive vision. They said that LOVE is the most potent energy source to project out our feelings. The second one after that would be gratefulness and appreciation. When we add love to our vision, we can project it out anywhere in the world. This is what I might call making a psychic phone call, but the Oracles say this is much more powerful. When we put our love and our hearts into our vision, it can get past any boundary including any resistances and limitations. Love is unstoppable . . . love is limitless.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ~ William Arthur Ward

The Oracles continued... They asked us take a real deep breath and pull in the energy of the Earth up into our hearts. As we exhaled, we were asked to lock this Earth energy into our hearts. Then we were asked to take another real deep breath, but this time we were to pull the energy down from the cosmos through the top of our heads and down into our hearts. With another exhale, we were asked to lock all of this energy of the cosmos into our hearts. This built a cosmic umbilical cord between earth and sky.

Then they asked us to imagine that there was a little thread between our hearts and our vision that we put in the center of the circle. This little thread is like an electrical extension chord between the supercharged power in our hearts that we created from the earth and the cosmos. This electrical chord is plugged into the vision that we are going to send out into the world. They asked us to take another deep breath, and when we exhaled, we put our heart energy into the chord coming out of our hearts into the vision in the center of the circle. When we did this, the Oracles began to send our vision out to all parts of the world. I could see that each vision had an I.D. tag on it that said where it is going. The Oracles said that we did not decide where those visions were going, but they helped us out with that. What the Oracles did was match up our vision of paradise with people all over the planet that had the same kind of vision. By doing this, it would empower the vision and make it nearly effortless to create and manifest our dreams.

So you see, the Oracles did not just spend their time simply seeing or watching; they spent a lot of time in Machu Picchu projecting visions out into the world to make the planet a fertile environment that could . . . and will . . . evolve back into paradise. The Oracles continued by saying that they are using our heart energy and our vision to continue to do this, but at a much higher frequency and with much more light.

At the time of the Global Solar Wave, the Oracles saw uncountable, beautiful, positive visions floating around all over the planet. These are the visions of other groups in other areas of the planet that worked with the Solar Wave. All these visions of paradise had been projected into the collective consciousness, but they were not going anywhere. So what they did next was to go out and locate visions that match our group's visions and link them to us, and vice a versa. This way all of our visions are empowered exponentially, so we can manifest our collective paradise. The Oracles shared that what we have been doing with this Solar Wave every year is very much like what they did in Machu Picchu long ago. The Oracles would send visions out to groups in other parts of the world, in other cities of light, and then those people would send visions back. And visions could be for anything. They could be for information like "How are you doing over there?" to healing energy, or to create energy if you needed to manifest.

Then the Oracles began doing a lot of things that I find difficult to explain. If only I could videotape my brain! It looked like they were collecting all the visions in a butterfly net. They scooped up all the visions and empowered them. I got a sense that they were putting some of the visions in a type of a generator, because some of the visions are so grand and so vast that the world was not quite ready for them yet. Yes . . . there are some pretty profound visionaries out in the world today! The Oracles said that they would store these visions, and as soon as they match a frequency somewhere on the Earth, they would release the visions. They did not want these powerful visions to get lost. They would store the visions in the mountain behind me, my favorite sacred mountain, Apu Putikisi.

I think one of the reasons that we come back to Machu Picchu over and over is because we can collect little visions and inoculations of paradise, and we then we take them back into the world. So our groups are like visionary farmers of paradise. We come to sacred sites, we collect the seeds, and then we take them back home and plant them in our homelands. But I was also shown that groups all over the world were doing the same thing . . . not just here in Machu Picchu. So the Oracles helped us with our visions collected from the Solar Wave ceremonies that took place all across the planet, and helped us plant these seeds. The Oracles are always looking for the most fertile energy field for their visionary garden.

The Oracles continued to work with our group. They began to tie little threads coming from the center of this mountain (Apu Putikisi) to our group's heart. But before they did, they asked permission for them to do this. This is a really good point to make here, because no Ascended Master of Light, or advanced being, will NEVER do anything to anyone without receiving permission first. Nothing will be done against your will by an awakened being. Also . . . they will never tell you what to do. If they do, they hamper our ability to become masters ourselves.

The Oracles said they were helping us with this because they knew that we wanted to stay connected to the storehouse that holds all the visions of paradise. They said that this little thread from the mountain is like a super stretchy, extension chord. It does not matter where we go. It will not break. They were going to put a thread right into each of our group's heart. This way we will be able to access the storehouse of paradise wherever we go in the world. We will be spreading seeds of paradise all over the world. But I could see that it went beyond just our group. Anyone that travels through this site, and other sacred sites like it, who have a heart that desires to create paradise on Earth, and wishes to advance their inner mastery and evolve themselves, they were going to have the opportunity of being connected in this way. Each person will feel a shift, and when they walk out of Machu Picchu, they will know that they have changed. They will take that seed of light out into the world with them.

As I was speaking to the Oracles, I asked them, "This is sort of unfair because so many people cannot come to Machu Picchu. So what do we do about all the other people in the world that want to be visionary farmers for paradise?" The Oracles began conversing about what they could do about this problem. At this point of our ceremony, it became clear that it was not just about our group anymore. I do not think it ever was. I am a true believer in "In Lak'esh Ala Kin" . . . What we do is connected to everything and everyone. Our little gathering evolved into something that every heart on the planet could benefit from.

The Oracles came up with a plan. They showed me that they have helpers . . . beings that they call angels, but they looked more like condors to me. You might say they resemble the mythical stork that takes babies to new parents. These winged beings have helped the Oracles send the visions all across the planet for eons. These condor-like angels were taking huge clusters of these heart strings out into the world. Their job was to offer these visionary heart strings to like-minded people around the earth. Remember . . . these strings tie the receiver to the storehouse of positive visions that was collected during the Solar Wave inside the sacred mountain, Apu Putukisi.

At this point my attention was drawn to the front of Apu Putikisi. The Oracles were doing something right in front of the mountain. It looked like the dimensional door in the front of the mountain was thinning. Because so many people were being plugged into the mountain with these visionary heartstrings, that this action created a thinning of the dimensional doorway in the mountain. When I asked them why the door was thinning, they said that since so many people were being plugged into the mountain, that a bridge was being built between this dimension and the collection vision of paradise. This other dimension is the paradise we envision collectively.

This next dimension is not strange place . . . It is already in us. It will be very familiar to us all. It is a manifestation of all of our hopes and dreams that live in our hearts. It is all the things we wish for, dream about, envision or feel. It is the dimension that we have already created. It is our future. Of course we call it the future, but in their consciousness there is no time . . . it is now. We call it the future, because we are still in linear time. It is not another dimension where we are going to . . . where we will feel out of place and have to start all over. It is some place that is going to feel so familiar and very close to home. You know that empty space inside of us that we keep trying to fill? That is what it is. It is the missing piece. If we did not have that bit of emptiness inside of us, we would have forgotten to look for paradise in the first place. There are so many threads going into the mountain that there is nearly no separation between us and paradise already.

So now the Oracles have some homework for us. The homework is to let go of what we think our life IS . . . and to believe it is what we dream it to be. They want everyone now to fully expect that our lives are going to be different. Expect it. Act if it is already here. They want us to imagine that all the problems and all the issues that we think we have are going to miraculously disappear without any reason. "Poof" . . . just like that. We will not have any evidence of how this happened. It just happens. Miracles . . . Magic... The Oracles invite you to become blind to the way your life was, and to assume that the higher vision is going to manifest in the next day, hour, minute, second . . . . Another ability that will show up is that we will simply know what to do immediately. Indecision and procrastination will be a thing of the past. Spirit and an open heart will give us the answers we need instantaneously. It ready does! It is the mind that is clunky, slow, and filled with doubt. It will be so easy to let go of the things that we know no longer serve us when we operate from the heart. It will be effortless.

You can count on it. Things are changing. The issues you think your life has now may vanish, and something better will show up to take its place. Change is happening in everywhere, in everything you could possibly imagine and from every direction. By year's end, everyone will feel the subtle shifts in the collective consciousness toward a positive outlook and living impeccably. Hope, courage and personal power are returning quickly. You will remember that the collective masses are back in charge not the elite few. It was an illusion that we have busted through.

So just imagine from this point on that life is going to change in a positive, abundant and healthy way, because all of us have taken a step closer to paradise. The Oracles strongly state here... that the only block we have manifesting paradise is that we did not believe it is real. This is the only thing stopping us from living in paradise right now, our doubt. We forgot to believe that our dreams are REAL, and that they have been manifesting all around us. The Oracles said that they have been storing the vision of paradise for us until we realize that it is actually a reality; not fantasy. Remember your dreams of paradise need your energy for them to find you! Remember like frequency, attracts like frequency!

Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all ~ William Faulkner

The Oracles would like to give some assistance to helping everyone let go of the past. At this point, it is only a mechanical mindset anyway. We have done most of the hard work already. It really has nothing to do with the material world at all. It is things that go on in our minds. So every time that your mind goes into those negative ideas and feelings that are simply mechanistic, they will keep erasing them for you. They have giant erasers. Archangel Michael showed up, and he loves those big pink erasers. He has a great sense of humor. Archangel Michael is going to help the Oracles of Machu Picchu erase all your negatives. Every time something negative slips in, you are going to just feel it go away. They are going to do this to everybody else that is also plugged into the mountain.

Now this is the really exciting part discovered during the ceremony. The Oracles told us that the material world is not forced, but bound to manifest the reality that you hold in your heart. It absolutely has to. They are saying that there is no way that the world can be the way it is without you saying that it was OK to be that way. When we let go of the problems of the world we recognize that vision of paradise inside of our hearts. We remember the collective vision of paradise is a real and tangible consciousness that we can tap into. When we believe this and we start acting as if it is so, the universe has to manifest that for us! It has to! Live could morph right out in front of you. It changes because we, beautiful pieces of God, are the creators, and the universe is here to help fulfill our vision. And a nice end note that the Oracles sent . . . this is so because every open hearted soul on Earth came from the stars, and we all brought this vision here.

Coming in a week or so... the message and the meditation we received for Activating the Heart.
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